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  • jquinones8812_854

    February 16, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    The UAW leaders have been in favor of cap and trade, for example. So the unions are divided. Gettlefinger (Is that how you spell his name?) came out in favor of cap and trade last spring. Don’t know Rich Trumka, but will take your word for it. I think in the White House, and in Pelosi and Reid’s offices, you won’t find a single dissenting voice. So yes, I am willing to admit that there are a few voices, especially from coal producing states and some unions, but the power base still is very much dogmatic on the issue.

    Religious conservatives are very divided. Hell, even a blowhard like Sarah Palin is divided. She said they should not teach creationism in an interview last month, should only teach evolution, should teach creationism only in relation to religious classes; that is what I believe. I think she is a pretty good example of a religious conservative, don’t you? GW Bush, a pretty conservative guy, had the exact same platform. So again, how many people really are pushing this creationism thing?and in

    I live in the midwest, with a fair amount of religious conservatives…and I haven’t yet heard about a movement to talk about creationism in schools. Have seen it in Kansas and Nebraska, and probably a couple other places…but this is not a seriously big issue.