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  • benoit.elens

    September 6, 2023 at 6:17 pm

    The average Radiologist (and all doctors) is grossly underpaid.  This is a taboo topic because we are still paid relatively well compared to other professions and we are doing our jobs for the good of humanity – so we are just supposed to shut up and accept it.  The easiest way to “right-size” the salaries of doctors is to decrease RVU reimbursements, slowly over time and let the annual salaries remain essentially stagnant over decades (with perhaps minimal increases YOY).   Many PP rads 20-25 years ago were making $600K — which is probably similar ballpark nowadays.  Some may make less in competitive markets or with bloated admins.  Some may make more by higher volumes, great payor mix, or ownership of equipment (which isn’t really salary but a side-business opportunity).  If salaries kept up with inflation, reasonable/appropriate pay probably should be:
    Academic – $750K
    Hospital employed – $1M
    PP -$1.2M+
    This may seem high but it’s probably not even adjusting for the absurd volumes we read.  Even if you take into account the ability to read more because of efficiencies like PACS, there is a limit to how much data the human brain/mind/eye should and can process.  If we mention or talk about these very fair, IMO, numbers we come across as greedy or entitled.  But that money is now being ciphered to the suits and we unfortunately are forced to accept it.