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  • alex.nieto_484

    September 6, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Quote from bluedeep

    Quote from Waduh Dong

    Is Rads the only field where the overnight work is the worst experience but also pays the least premium?  Weird. 

    I don’t agree this is the case with the current 7 on 14 off nights job market. If you get paid the same as everyone else in your group to do nights but only work 17-18 weeks of nights per a year, then you’re coming out way ahead than a mere 10-20% shift differential. On a per hour basis you’re getting paid double. If you’re in a short staffed group inevitably it’s the day side guys who end up taking less vacation, doing more weekends, and staying late every day. No one dares tell the night guys that they have to work extra weeks of days or have to stay an extra thirty minutes to an hour after their scheduled shift ends.

    Everyone thinks they have it the worst and work the hardest. Even the normal daytime rad complains about the overnight guy who works every 3rd weekend. lol