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  • ranweiss

    August 7, 2023 at 10:14 pm

    Quote from Radsoxfan

    Quote from ar123

    You can def make 500k in most parts of the country doing only mammo , 40 hours a week, no call, with some negotiations. I know as I have friends on both coasts that were able to do that. The midwest this would be easy i think. 
    The ‘partnership’ thing with someone not taking call, or a part timer, that’s a complex issue, and many PP groups aren’t fans of that. 

    There are wRVU based mammo jobs that can make WAY more than 500k with no call and 40 hours (or less) per week.

    Anyone reading a high % of mammo and just getting a partnership salary (not getting paid on individual wRVU production) is leaving a huge amount of $ on the table due to current nonsensical reimbursement. 

    Another great point. But I would say, ride that gravy train while it lasts  – bc it will not.