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  • william.wang_997

    August 7, 2023 at 10:11 am

    Awesome !

    Quote from Hubcap

    I am also on the side of not retiring early.  Beside the service to my own financial status, I view my job is also a service to society.  Many retirees end up volunteer in many areas.  I don’t see the trade off for myself by not doing my job/service and end up doing free services elsewhere.  We, as radiologists, are heavily trained to do a service to patients.  I spent 13-14 years in training starting in college to become rad attending.  I have worked around that much time and financially stable enough that I don’t need to think about money again.  Nor I need more time off to do vacations or hobbies.  I spend plenty of time with my family and extended families.
    Hey, one can even make radiology job a free service:  work (part or full time), donate all your income after cost to charity of choice.  It doesn’t take society 14 years to train a person to take care of stray dogs.