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  • ThePACSman

    October 17, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    You guys really like putting Erik on the hot seat dont you? You want him to say he had nothing (or everthing) to do with the web redesign? Ask yourself- was it the tech’s fault that you missed a call (except maybe in the case of ultrasound where the pathology may not have been visualized) or yours? The image was borderline or completely unreadable but hey, doc, give it your best shot and tell me what you think anyway. And by the way, whatever you say one way or the other I’m holding you accountable for even if getting a sh&tty image to read wasn’t technically your fault. And your response is “Well you wanted it read… so I read it even tough I wasn’t comfortable with it”. and you live with that decision. Changes were made here so….those making it have to live with that.

    Magazines dont have malpractice insurance. They only have readers and advertisers who vote with clicks and dollars. If the clicks and dollars go down then someone is going to ask what happened. Hopefully that was asked over a month ago but then someone has to say we screwed up and no one likes to hear or say that. So I’ll say if for everyone- you screwed up.

    I have worked in the media for nearly 40 years- many of those with Erik (and Brian) but also with nearly every journal in the marketplace as well. I know how the game is played. I also have a degree in journalism as well so I’ll try and answer your questions.

    The decision on the a site (or journal) design is made by those much higher up than the editor. You would have to be foolish to consider anything otherwise. Let’s take what isn’t broken off-line for 10 days, spend money doing a complete redesign without accepting input from anyone on the site and then unveil it as the “new” AM. Please pass that doobie this way and stop bogarting it…

    Editors select and edit stories for pubication. Yes, they have some (very limited) input into the site design but the ultimate decision is made by those who control the purse strings. That is equivilent to buying a house without your wife (or hubby’s) input. “That’s a very nice house dear- I’m glad you like it. Now where are the kids are I going to live?”

    PLEASE Stop blaming Erik. Those who are ultimately responsible for this travesty need to get on here and say- “Ya know what? We screwed up”- or “We feel we didn’t make the wrong decision with the redsign and are sorry you feel that way”. Just know that sites like radHQ would not have gotten the traction it has in just over a week if all was well. One way or the other though it’s called accountability.

    Finally In answer to your questions-

    1) Why no changes?- You first have to accept that a problem exists. That hasn’t been done yet by those responsible for the redesign. If it were they would be on here saying “Mea culpa” and not letting Erik take the blame. I haven’t seen that yet and Erik is politically saavy enough to know to say nothing,

    2) Spamming garbage articles- It’s interesting that these werent consider garbage articles before but because they are now in the forum they are considered trash. Now your point may be valid- since no one seems to be talking in the forums anymore it may have been decided to make the forums look like they are busier than they are and the directive given to post articles there to make it look like the foums are busy. There is no other logical reason to do that. Just know that Erik is not trying to cover his assets. Editors have enough to do without what amounts to busy work like this.

    I know it seems like I am Erik’s personal bodyguard defending him every chance I get but he really is a great guy trying to do a great job in spite of what he has been given to work with. Beating him up doesnt help solve the problem and only makes matters worse, at the very least for him personally.

    If you have issues and some spare time then please take it up with the Science and Medicine Group of Arlington VA who own AM. I have no idea who, if anyone, is in charge- maybe you can share that with me- but here is the contact info I found on them: Phone: (703) 778-3080, Email: [email protected].

    Good luck.