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    March 26, 2010 at 8:25 am

    With regard to the Shaman (something I’ve read widely and studied in depth for more than 40 years..), most of the cultures that employed them treated an individual who showed an aptitude for greater intuition, or profound thought, differently from early on in their life… sort of subsidizing their practical existence so that they’d have more time to stay “in the zone”, keeping them protected from the distracting petty conflicts of normal family life, even feeding them better.  And the Shaman/Chief had to prove leadership qualities and wisdom in addition to intuitive sensitivity to be recognized as such by their community.
    It’s not all hooey — even though the cognitive, apperceptive approach seems alien to our culture. Actually, physics is beginning to provide an accepted substantiation and explanation of this “alternate” way of perceiving. Turns out it may not be all that weird after all, and eventually we might have to stop calling it “super”-natural or “meta”-physic, and just leave it as “completely within the realm of the natural”.