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  • jasbelenecolon_394

    February 16, 2010 at 1:37 pm


    Garynuke…on creation, the top two candidates, Romney and McCain, said they believe in evolution. Huckabee was the biggest person to talk about creationism. There is a ‘Palin’ wing of the party, no doubt…I don’t deny that. But let us turn it around. How many of the Democrats would have raised their hand if you asked, “How many of you think global warming is settled science, and how many of you think we need more science”. I bet everyone, including our current president, would have picked the former than the latter. Again, dogma.

    Early in the BO bid for POTUS, how many Repubs would have had questions about where BO was born? Eventually, the truth was settled (for most, anyway), and it was on the basis of evidence. Now that the validity of AGW is abundantly public, it is not fair to suppose what the Dems would have done had they known the current edition of affairs.
    Most mainstream scientists would have held that AGW was beyond debate. They did, actually. If it weren’t for the knowledge that a group of dedicated scientists may well indeed have made up stuff, there would be no coherent debate, just a few folks with suspicions. LIke the WMD thing, bad data leads to bad decisions, but you cannot fault someone who made a bad decision based on bad data. One can only work with what they get.
    To ignore evolution requires ignoring all data from every branch of science. To believe in AWG only requires a belief in the best data available at the time.
    THAT is a huge difference.