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  • eyoab2011_711

    May 5, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    Dr J:  You conveniently leave out key problems.  1) Unlike the govt, insurance companies are for profit, they have as much incentive to deny excess procedures if not more the the govt.  2) Private insurance company’s goals are not the welfare of the individual per se, but the welfare of the corporation and its investors.  3)  While they may employ fewer people to do the sam e sorts of jobs, all these companies have just as bad, if not worse built in complexity with back end denials that they already know that the provider will see as more expensive to fight than try to collect.  4)  As currently run, health insurance companies have different rules and regulations such that you cannot simply switch to one from the other without running into crazy arcane rules that are completely opposite.  Since health plans come and go it is not always possible to avoid these situations.
    I am always stunned that physicians see change as the problem; the status quo is the problem; until we are able to come with a simpler common alternative and stop silly label scare tactics we will continue on this untenable path.