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  • Unknown Member

    Deleted User
    May 1, 2009 at 8:04 am

    I guess that all those that want pure capitalism don’t want any government involvement in healthcare. I guess you are willing to give up all your Medicare pay? Also you will gladly reimburse the government for your medical school costs. The vast majority of what it costs to educate a medical student and all the costs of residents is from government. When you send that check for about 400K+ to Uncle Sam let me know. Also I assume that many of you work in hospital. Please find out if you can quit accepting Medicare or Medicaid patients. I’m sure the hospital will say fine. We aslo won’t have most insurance because companies will stop providing it with no tax writeoff. Yes you can charge whatever you want for your exams with no government control or insurors, but the 5-6 exams you read probably won’t make you that much income. Also I hope that all of you don’t want public education, fire departments, police, military because those are all government programs and therefore socialist. I guess we can all just revert back to a hunter/gatherer society with a you eat what you kill philosophy. I hope you now how to make your own bow and arrow because with no roads, rails, etc. you won’t be buying much of anything. If you live in city, I hope you enjoy human meat because that will be all that you will find to shoot.