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    November 17, 2008 at 6:48 am

    [i]Here’s a secular reason for you: Why would a strictly secular government encourage relationships that can’t possibly reproduce and further the species?  I mean, the relationship between the man and his sheep that CT dude hypothesized is equally as likely to benefit the species in the long run as a homosexual relationship.  After all, the difference between a homosexual relationship and two same-sex roommates is sexual pleasure and “love”, neither of which benefit society as a whole.  Should the government give benefits to roommates since their relationship benefits society just as much?

    It seem to me that in a truly secular society, homosexuality would be prohibited, monogamy would be accepted, and polygamy would be highly encouraged as polygamy produces the highest number of offspring.[/i]
    That’s not really a secular reason as being secular we don’t really care why a person wants to get married..  just that there is no religious reason prohibiting them.
    Besides you do not touch then on infertile couples and old folks who want to get married.?.. Should we also ban those because they cannot produce offspring?
    No, I’ve said it before .. the best thing to do would be to get the State out of the Religious institute of Marriage. Go back to the job it shoul dhave of ratifying the contract and let it be that.. Right now in the State of Florida a notary public an marry you.. The Staes can make it any representative of the State who can witness the contract being signed.. be it lawyer, justice of the peace or even a duly authorized police officer.
    Now under this program if anyone wants to follow the route of religion then churches that will marry anyone can be found and this can be done at another ceremony.. Lots of churches will marry gay folk out there.. but.. the State needs to remove itself from religious ceremonies.