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  • jquinones8812_854

    October 23, 2008 at 11:02 am

    [b]I have said that I could accept Clinton level taxes.  And basically that is what Obama is proposing.[/b]

    Um, you aren’t accepting those tax levels, if you are already looking for ways to avoid those taxes.

    [b]Again….I am not the sole decider inmaking the rules…………….but I will play by those rules………….and I will play to the best of my ability………….No shame in that. [/b]

    You guys tell us it is patriotic to pay taxes…so why can’t we call you unpatriotic?  And if you really believe in Obama’s proposals, then you should be opting into paying those taxes…not opting out.  It is clear evidence that you yourself believe that YOU are better at spending your own money, rather than Obama and the government.


    You want to argue that is socialism, fine.  And if you are arguing we are hypocrites for taking medicare money, o.k., I am even willing to accept that.

    But it also means you are a hypocrite on this tax issue.  And a clear hypocrite at that.  And that you yourself don’t even believe in Obama’s tax plan helping america, if a strong believer such as yourself can’t even ‘buy in’.

    [b]Again I have confidence in myself to make money in any economy………………I just think it is much easier when everyone else is making money and has extra to spend.

    I honestly think Obams’s policy makes tha more likely. [/b]

    Understand…Obama’s policy don’t work if people like you and me find ways NOT TO PAY EXTRA TAXES!!!  His plan goes out the window.  You can’t avoid the increase taxes, and expect OTHER RICH PEOPLE to pay your way.

    The funny thing is this is the most truthful thing you have said in months.  And each person here that is supporting Obama feels the same way.  You don’t mind higher taxes, when it is somebody else.  You don’t mind Obama spending tax money, when it isn’t your money. 

    You want to call us hypocrites on medicare, etc….so be it.

    But you are clearly a hypocrite on this issue….and it goes to the heart of why Obama’s plan will fail.