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  • kayla.meyer_144

    September 15, 2008 at 4:20 am


    I think that is hilarious…considering that historically much more money has been spent on the east and the population centers.

    I also find it funny that you guys are blasting Palin (hypocrite as she may be) for exactly what Obama is going to do when he is to become president, considering most of his solutions are money hand outs.

    That might be true but considering the population centers are just that, where there are a lot of people, what else would you do?

    As for the comparison between Palin & Obama, the problem is that she’s like a smoker who quit & then goes all evangelical on your face. Except shes’ going evangelical & not admitting the prior addiction. As for Obama “just” wanting to give hand-outs, I “just” want something more than “just” tax cuts that are supposed to cure the common cold and all our other ills.

    Same-ol same ol BS. Is this all the discussions ever come down to??? Hand-outs vs tax cuts? In the end, if that’s all there is, what’s the difference???

    Today’s column by Bill Kristol, with whom I seldom agree but in this there is much I agree except that he sees the glass from a right-wing viewpoint

    Now, if only one side will stop throwing gasoline on the Culture Wars maybe we all can – somewhat – unite & solve things.