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  • jquinones8812_854

    September 12, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    ORIGINAL: Thor

    I’m not sure of this irrational fear of “liberals” and the demonization through the use of this term.  Unfortunately the classic definition of liberal and conservative which you have somewhat captured do not meet the political caricatures.  Now by looking at your definitions however, conservatives believe things are fine the way they are and liberals think things can be even better than they are now.  Choice seems obvious to me.

    totally untrue.  It depeds on what topic you are talking about, and your point of view:

    1.  Education:  I would argue that Obama is the agent of the status quo for education.  He has proposed some increase in spending (far less than Bush, I might add) and increasing college funding.  But no major changes to the system.  You call that change?
    2. Energy:  I am willing to concede that Obama asks for more change on this; But McCain is not Bush; he supports carbon cap and trade (which I oppose), big funding increases for alternative energy (which I strongly support), and increased nuclear and oil drilling (which Obama, at best, is lukewarm on).  So you can argue that Obama provides [i]more[/i] change, but McCain is far from status quo.

    Those are just two examples.  I have plenty more.  But it is intellectually lazy to say that Obama is for ‘Change’ and McCain is not…that is not a true analysis of their platforms.