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    Deleted User
    June 25, 2008 at 6:49 am

    The problem is difficult but only gets more difficult when we procrastinate, blame and argue.

    I believe the in the future

    –  We will need to be energy independent in order to stay an economic and military power.
    –  We will need multiple sources to become energy independent.
    –  Energy independence will actually be very (long term of course)cost-effecive and create jobs, here at home

    What we need first and foremost is a coherent National energy Plan to get us from Point A to point B.  And a short term stop gap to fill the time.

    Drill, drill drill and blaming the evil people on each side is not going to accomplish anything.

    A leader in either party needs to step forward and forge a workable compromise for us to attain our goals.

    Personally I believe energy is the biggest National security issue of this sentury.