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    May 15, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    ORIGINAL: OutpatientRadRules

    Rape is a crime against an individuals right to chose whom they have sex with—how is this a religious issue…..One commits violence upon another individual a form of battery–this isn’t a religious crime but one which we as an atheistic society deem reprehensible bsaed on damage to a member of society rather than some arbitray concept of sin or “morality”……..dude come on better arguments are out there then that! 

    ORIGINAL: OutpatientRadRules

    Rape is non evolutionary in that it provides no inherent advantage in the propagation of the species–in fact it places humans at risk of perpetuating the DNA of undesirable individuals we therefore will execute all rapists making our DNA lines more “pure”.

    As a member of the hypothetical congress, I reject the notion of a right to remain sexually inactive, nor am I concerned about battery as long as the battered individual’s genetic material is not compromised.  I do, however, recognize the danger of  the strong overpowering the intelligent and promoting their genes more effectively, and intelligence in our society is much more evolutionarily advantageous than individual strength.  I thereby propose a bill that will require the sterilization of all those whom society deems “unfit”, and will require reproduction of those who are fit.