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  • btomba_77

    August 31, 2023 at 8:18 am

    The Case for a Whitmer-Warnock Ticket  
    [link=]A. B. Stoddard[/link]:
    Whitmer, 52, is one of the most experienced, exciting, and winning Democrats in the country. She is as tough a candidate, and leader, as the Democrats can find, and she was [link=]vetted[/link] as a potential VP pick in 2020. Warnock, who has won pluralities or majorities in [link=]five[/link] elections in three years, is the cerebral 54-year-old [link=]senior pastor[/link] at Martin Luther King Jr.s church. He grew up in public housing, went through a messy divorceno longer disqualifying in the age of Trumphas small children, and was the [link=]top small donor fundraiser[/link] from either party in 2022. The dramatic stakes of his election gave him national name recognition: [link=]Less than 10 percent[/link] of Warnocks individual donations came from within his state.
    Young. Dynamic. Diverse. Competent and experienced. Broadly appealing. Can mobilize core voters. Would deliver two battleground states. Those are seven big boxes already checked. 
    There are other benefits: Such a ticket would take away the core self-justification of the No Labels project, would seriously dent Wests vanity run, and would circumvent the ever-expanding Hunter Biden issue.