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  • btomba_77

    August 22, 2023 at 6:39 pm

    Quote from fw

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    Jack Smith’s team tells Judge Cannon that a key witness in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents case retracted false testimony after switching lawyers.

    Typical fed organized crime case. Lean on the little guy until he gives up the next one up the chain. Little guy gives up his mafia paid lawyer for the public defender to make it happen.

    Roll up another one …..
    [b]Georgias fake electors acted at Trumps direction, indicted ex-GOP chair says[/b][/h1] David Shafer, former chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and one of the [link=]19 defendants[/link] in the Georgia election interference case, claimed in a court filing that he and the other Republican electors who tried to falsely certify Donald Trump as the winner in Georgia were acting at the former president’s behest.
    Why it matters: As defendants in the sprawling case begin to [link=]turn themselves in[/link] ahead of the Friday deadline, Shafer’s position signals that some may be poised to turn on the former president.
    Flashback: Shafer and 15 other Republican electors met at the state capitol on Dec. 14, 2020 and signed a document falsely declaring that Trump had won Georgia.
    [ul][*]Trump and several of his former lawyers along with some of the Republican electors and other alleged conspirators now face charges relating to their alleged roles in trying to overturn the results. [/ul] State of play: “Mr. Shafer and the other Republican Electors in the 2020 election acted at the direction of the incumbent President and other federal officials,” Shafer’s lawyers wrote in the [link=]court filing[/link] Monday.