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  • btomba_77

    September 1, 2023 at 3:38 am

    [h1][b]DeSantis Super PAC Makes Urgent Plea to Donors[/b][/h1] Hours before the Republican Partys first presidential debate, the chief strategist for the super PAC that has effectively taken over Ron DeSantiss presidential campaign met with donors in Milwaukee, the [link=]New York Times[/link] reports.

    Said strategist Jeff Roe, on a leaked recording: Now let me tell you a secret dont leak this. We need to do this now. Were making a move now. The day after Labor Day were launching and we need your help to stay up and go hard the rest of the way. We need 50 million bucks.

    With urgency in his voice, Mr. Roe told the donors he required much of the $50 million in the next month before the second G.O.P. debate on Sept. 27. He said he needed $5 million a month just to sustain his Iowa operations. And he said Mr. DeSantis needed to beat Donald Trump in the next 60 days and separate from all of his other rivals now.’