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  • btomba_77

    August 11, 2023 at 3:36 am

    [h1][b]Biden Looks to Expand the Map, Particularly North Carolina[/b][/h1]  
    Joe Bidens team thinks his path to victory in 2024 could look an awful lot [link=]like it did in 2020[/link]. But people close to the president believe that voters enthusiasm about abortion rights could also unlock new roads to another term, [link=]Politico[/link] reports.
    The most straightforward route that those in Biden world see includes protecting the blue wall of Rust Belt states that were essential to his success three years ago, while preparing for repeat battles in the new swing states of Georgia and Arizona that he swiped from the Republican column.
    Bidens aides also are [link=]moving to expand the map[/link]. Above all else, they believe North Carolina, where a 12-week abortion ban has gone into effect, is a legitimate pick-up opportunity and no longer Democratic fools gold.