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  • sudhakaran1990_626

    June 19, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    Josh, I meant no disrespect to you. I did “get” the joke.  I think you already know that, but if not I appologize.
    I/we Rad techs spend alot of time educating the public about “radiation” especially now with this CT “scare”. I once spent 2.5 hours on the phone talking to a father about his son’s CT and the exposure he recieved. The father went on the internet & “educated” himself. He “is an enginneer” so he wanted me to eplain mR, mGy, expsoure, etc..
    Again, I just wanted to point out that there are 2 types of radiation: ionizing & non-ionizing for anyone out there in this “public forum”.
    By the way josh we do the same as you do.