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  • amyelizabethbarrett28_711

    September 6, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    TAP said not sure how being a cognitive scientist makes somebody an infectious disease expert or epidemiologist but better than the medical student from one of your recent posts. I just listened to a 10 second snippet at random where he is equating masks with Guantanamo. I don’t intend to spend the remaining 2+ hours I’ll never get back. I think you can make a solid reasoned presentation of your position, but fairly sure this is not it.

    He doesnt claim to be an infectious disease expert or an epidemiologists.

    It doesnt take an expert in those fields to hypothesize and discuss potential harms of covering peoples faces all day every day.

    He said covering peoples faces is dehumanizing, and it is. It causes an impersonal disconnect He said thats why it was so shocking for everyone to see years ago those pictures out of Guantánamo Bay where they had everyones faces covered. Because its dehumanizing.

    Nice job trying to take it out of context though.