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  • kayla.meyer_144

    September 6, 2023 at 4:35 am

    Actually it’s your argument that’s “rich.”  The Federal mandate was for Federal employees, no one else. And private businesses are allowed to make rules as are State governments.
    But yours is just an extension of the argument that this was just a plandemic over a nothing-burger virus artificially created by the government to “take over.” The thread alone is a diary of sorts of the country’s beliefs, arguments and actions about COVID. But there was no martial law, no suspended civil liberties.
    You are still arguing that “masks did not and never worked” along with dreamy that vaccines don’t work. You 2 make a perfect pair of beliefs without foundation.
    All the evidence points to masks worked, distancing worked, hand-washing worked and certainly, very certainly, vaccines worked despite your and other complaints about a big nothing imposition considering a pandemic that murdered over 1 million Americans, some of whom participated in a form of suicide because they believed a paranoid idea of freedom.