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  • adrianoal

    September 3, 2023 at 7:05 am

    Quote from dergon

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    This is the same Tom Jefferson and the same Cochrane study from 7 months ago. Most unbiased people have not been impressed with it.  [link=]What the Cochrane Review Says About Masks For COVID-19 – and What It Doesnt –[/link]

    “tested the effectiveness of interventions encouraging people to wear masks, rather than testing the effectiveness of masks themselves”

    Absolutely (“tested the effectiveness …”) and that’s an important and legitimate point. “Mask mandates” may do little or nothing to reduce case #’s, even if an individual wearing a high-quality mask during an exposure can make a big difference in that instance. If you say “both can’t be true” you aren’t thinking hard enough.
    However, I strongly disagree with “most unbiased people have not been impressed with it” (the Cochrane review). It has drawn fire (and support), obviously, but IMO most of the vigorous criticisms have come from people who are quite biased themselves, and such criticisms generally didn’t actually address the substance of the review (this is separate from criticism of the public comments made by one of the authors, TJ).
    [b]The link above is very good IMO, and gives some mild criticism of Cochrane but hardly dismisses it the way some have tried desperately to do. [/b]
    The experts in the factcheck basically say 1 of 2 things:
    (1) we don’t know if public masking policies work b/c we don’t have good enough data (which is what Cochrane [not TJ] said)
    (2) or, we don’t have convincing data that they work, but I personally think they probably help a little. Which, scientifically, should be taken as “they may or may not work”
    how is that so different from what the Cochrane review said?