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  • buckeyeguy

    August 31, 2023 at 6:42 pm

    Quote from vonbraun

    Calling a vaccinologist physician who developed a low cost protein subunit safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine for poor countries an idiot is odd and inappropriate. It would only originate from a scientifically illiterate non-physician.

    Perhaps this trailer of the history of vaccines would be helpful.


    Wrong. The fact that you are saying that and you don’t know his incoherent positions on sarscov2 and all of the injections he continuously recommended, for patients, that did damage (without a doubt for pediatrics) among other things, means that you are as bought and sold as he is. Stop your lies and propaganda. The man is an embarrassment, and it’s already been pointed out by many in the media. Many you dislike but also called Hotez out, and he’s unwilling to defend himself or the “science” that he promotes, which of course isn’t science. He’s a violator of the hippocratic oath and a weak, weak man to boot.