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  • amyelizabethbarrett28_711

    August 28, 2023 at 8:16 am

    More of this, please:

    The court has ruled: Gavin Newsom and his enablers will go on trial for the catastrophic harm they caused our students during the COVID school shutdown.

    In a case brought by disadvantaged students, the court denied the state’s motion for summary judgment and set the trial for November 13.

    The judge, an appointee of Jerry Brown, advanced the students’ claims that they were denied basic educational equality” during the school closures. He cited the following expert findings in his ruling:

    Missed days: LAUSD students missed 205 in-person instructional days and Oakland Unified students missed 204. Therefore, a quality, equitable education was not achieved.”

    Achievement Gaps: During the shutdown, “achievement gaps widened between White students and Black and Hispanic students,” with “the magnitude of learning loss” greater in schools “that serve more low-income students.

    Student Well-Being: There were declines in student motivation and other indicators of student engagement and well-being,” with “low-income, English-learner classified students, and racial/ethnic minorities hit hardest.

    Declining Enrollment: There’s been a dramatic drop in enrollment stemming from the shutdown, “which cannot be explained through traditional factors,” with the declines particularly large among vulnerable students.”

    California had the longest school shutdown of any state. As late as March of 2021, my Amendment to open schools was voted down by the Legislature’s Supermajority.

    -Kevin Kiley, CA congressman