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    September 1, 2009 at 1:22 am


    post of the year

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    I went ahead and fixed your post.  If you’re going to compare professions purely on the basis of ROI and not actual interest and appreciation of the field of Radiology, you might want to expand your horizons.

    Radiology vs [b]Stripper[/b]

    1.  Years of training 5 (likely 6 years since many do fellowships) vs [b]0 [/b]years ([b]generally out of high school[/b])
    2.  Salary $400,000+ vs $210,000+ (Salary will go down for radiology and [b]strippers are always in demand[/b])
    3   Vacation 12 weeks vs [b]unlimited (work when you want, generally short shifts even when you are on)[/b]
    4.  Malpractice top 3 for radiology vs [b]NONE for a stripper[/b]
    5.  Stress  Radiology is about a 8/10 vs [b]1/10 for strippers.  do have to rub your fun parts against sweaty fat guys but this is okay when you think about money and are high on enough coke[/b]
    6.  Respect  Radiologists are considered techs vs [b]strippers are considered hot chicks[/b]
    7.  Sense of Accomplishment 3/10 for radiology vs [b]10/10 for strippers.  there is real pride in providing an excellent lap dance experience.[/b]

    Hmmm…[b]Stripper [/b]seems like the new radiology. 

    With push for [b]escapism [/b]and some [b]sugar daddies[/b] offering [b]free cars and jewelry[/b]. 

    The big factor is malpractice.  All radiologists will get sued.  It comes with the territory.  Also the stress level for radiologists is extremely high.


    There you go, a new field to set your sights on!