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  • jeevonbenning_648

    September 5, 2023 at 8:21 am

    Best advice so far.

    Also, I still don’t get advice based on net worth numbers. What matters is what asset classes are you invested in, what is your corporate and legal structure, how much cash flow does it produce, and what tax incentives are you taking advantage of?

    2 million in equity is 5 million dollars in real estate value, at a conservative 10% return that you’re legally not paying taxes on is $200,000 to live on post tax.

    Now if you’re following traditional retirement advice to get that same 200,000 dollars after taxes you’re going to need north of 5 million and more likely 7 million.

    I would think being around a lot of intelligent people this would be common sense. Likely is that radiologists are working too much and are not looking into the tax incentives of real estate.