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    August 28, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    As a fellowship trained breast imager, I say it is completey doable. 
    We often demand new hires to do diagnostic breast, e.g. even if they are neuro trained. Just not in this job market. 
    You just gotta work at it and have someone who is good that you can curbside and bounce cases off of in the beginning. Because our breast sections always have two diagnostic breast rads at each site any given time, our setup ensures there is always someone you can talk over a case with – or in a pinch – have them cover you for half an hour if you need to take off early to lunch to take a class or get a workout in.
    Don’t feel pressured to give an answer on a tough or unusual diagnostic. Once in a while, after doing this for over a decade, I will tell a patient that I want to show the images to another breast radiologist or talk to their doc before giving an interpretation, and that someone will call in the next day or two with the results. 
    Yes, if you do breast you will work less from home than other rads, except IR. This is real and can be a problem if your practice is located somewhere crappy and your commute is long. On the other hand, you are more marketable and “boots on the ground.” I also take general call in evenings and weekends, do fluoro, staff tumor boards, and I like that my practice is broader and my group can rely on me more in a pinch when people are sick out or on vacation. If they had to let people go or screw someone, I would be one of anchor people in the group. 
    Yes, breast can be more stressful for some. I and the other breast imagers in my group find breast easier than most other rotations. 
    Our group is hiring more breast imagers and our head of breast asked me and the other breast people, “who wants to do less breast and work from home more?”  The majority of us want to have more breast work than less. A large part of that is that the breast work is scheduled/structured such that it is an easier day (last patient 3:30 or 4pm, able to take 90 min lunch most days) than most every other rotation in the group where you are nose to grindstone the whole time.