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  • ruszja

    August 28, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    Whenever you see production numbers, particularly if someone tries to use them to make you do something, try to dig in how those numbers are generated. I have seen a few doozies:
    – professional RVU and wRVU being mixed for different sites
    – One IR doing some OBL work which he somehow got credited in global RVUs
    – A site (Dingleberry Community Memorial Hospital) that added a 3D code to damn near every cross sectional study including CT, CTAs, MRAs etc. Also, during the transition to the combined code for CT Abdomen/Pelvis, they continued to bill a separate CT pelvis with every abdomen (the reason it was that way was because JimBob who set up the hospitals RIS left 6 years ago without giving anyone the password and they are ‘planning to replace that RIS anyway…..’). Of course, the billing agency stripped those extraneous codes during the scrubbing process, but in the report of how how much someone ‘worked’, they got credited with everything that came across from the hospital. So while it was a chill site, every day came with a unusual number of wRVUs.
    – dicking around with the RVU to wRVU conversion for different modalities