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  • buckeyeguy

    August 28, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Quote from Waduh Dong

    The Tele guys on here routinely making $1-2M are probably doing between 30k and 40k RVUs.  

    I do about 10-12k RVU I believe. 

    My job is lifestyle friendly however and I have ample time off.  

    Yeah, you really have to have no scruples and/or look at the job as a job entirely, meaning it’s risk/benefit, you pay for insurance, patient schmatient, etc. if you read 30-40k. Twenty thou RVUs is fairly ridiculous, so 30 to me is actually just funny. If you don’t retire by 50 doing that kind of nonsense, you’re a real idiot or scumbag.