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    August 24, 2023 at 5:24 am

    The prostate gets a much less attention compared to mammography because the prostate is an obscure male organ tucked down there somewhere by the rectum and urinary bladder and is not glamorous at all. Men deserve better. 
    Yes, most PCa are low risk, but also remember cases like Dan Fogelberg, Frank Zappa, Gunther on Friends, Ben Stiller (Gleason grade 2 or 3), Bill Bixby, Frank Burns of MASH.
    Track your PIRADS 3-5 biopsies and review them. It will dramatically improve your sensitivity and specificity.
    If you decide to start reading prostate MRI go to a course search like the ACR education center course where are you actually read prostate MRIs.
    Also, there are urine genomic markers for in addition to PSA for prostate cancer screening that radiologists should know about: ExoDx and Select MDX.