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  • reza800p_368

    August 23, 2023 at 12:47 pm

    Quote from TripleJumper

    Not a good look.

    What have you seen, specifically?

    I never understood why the academics would push for a separate IR residency. Makes no sense in the majority of private practices,  as far as I see things.

    I have always been fine to see than IR does not make that much RVU. It should be a mutual understanding. Can not be one sided.
    The problem is that most new IRs don’t have a clue that what they do does not generate that much. They keep nagging that they are making a lot of money for the group so why they have to do DR. Eventually when you show them numbers, they put all the blame on DR and start to say that if the group provides them with office space and IR clinic, then they will be able to generate huge amount of money. Always they know a guy who knows another IR guy who has started his OBL clinic and is rolling in dough.  
    I feel many of them have a very inflated ego, want to work DR hours and make more than neurosurgeons.