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  • Robbro524_990

    August 21, 2023 at 7:26 am

    This is the problem with IR. A luxury once obtained becomes a necessity (ie. Once hospitals get IR, they think that they CAN NOT live without it). 
    How about just transfer the patients from this new, remote facility who need IR care 1 hour to your hospital for IR procedures; instead of completely upending/altering your IR docs and their IR call rotation to benefit the newly acquired hospital? 
    The other thing you can say is ‘NO,’ as was stated above, and see what happens. I mean, you could say ‘F off’ too (like Big says), but it might not look too good –  so what?. In this market, you can get away with it.
    You ALWAYS need to have a backup job/plan too anyway, so now would be a good time to hedge your bets for another option as well.