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  • smfst7_929

    August 20, 2023 at 11:11 am

    Please allow me to use a wife beater or kidnapper for ransom as an example of why you shouldnt just give in to admin.

    What do you think a disgusting wife beater does if a wife tolerated being beaten. Never tries to leave, never calls police, never tries anything. Do you think they will stop beating their wife on their own? Do you think they will stop if asked nicely? The answer is no. A wife beater is scum and will never learne their lesson until they are punished. Even then they may not but you still have to punish them.

    What do you think a kidnapper for ransom does if you always pay the ransom and never involve the cops etc? They will continue to kidnap for ransom. They too have to be punished. No amount of money will make them stop as long as they continue to get away with it.

    Similarly, most hospital admin just arent going to learn their lesson unless you make it clear that taking advantage of radiology is not the answer to their problem and even more so in the current market. Sure they may go nuclear and cause the radiology dept to implode if they are stupid enough. But they will quickly have a crisis on their hands and have to backtrack. Sure the above analogies are extreme but the mindset is of a similar vein. Bad behavior always almost always continues if it goes unpunished or unchallenged.

    So stand up for yourselves. We are your support group to seek justice and leave your wife beater husband or at the very least to tell him that you wont touch me again or I am leaving. Admin will do whatever they can get away with. They could care less about your quality of life if they can do something to pad their bottom line. Human nature at its finest.