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  • erasmopa

    August 20, 2023 at 9:58 am

    Agree with Biggie. First off, how is any hospital system comfortable with its current rad staffing, especially IR? They should be scared of losing rads and be hesitant to force new obligations that might lead people to leave.

    My own experience has been that working in a place where the rads are complacent and the admin thinks they can do whatever they want is not sustainable. Ironically, I think the best opportunities now are with health systems that have learned their lesson and dealt with rad shortages. They are more likely to create a compensation structure and support staff designed for radiology retention.

    Who cares about threats and lawyers? Just bend the ear of admin and say they are taking a huge gamble which could lead to losing current staff. If they follow through and screw it up have the courage to seek out a better gig.