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    August 31, 2023 at 4:16 pm

    hey tell us how you really feel.
    are you guys hiring?  where can I sign up?

    Quote from Yawn22

    Throwaway account as I post here sometimes and I know my colleagues troll these boards. 

    I am hospital employed and I think I work for some of the most brain dead hospital administrators in the country.   They dont know how to operate a imaging business and its shows in their nonsensical decisions everyday.  These people graduated from online correspondance schools, community college or the equivalent.  

    My colleagues are some of the slowest readers I have come across in my career putting up pathetic daily numbers everyday (<40 RVUS/day) but is tolerated by the health system because its hard to recruit anyone these days and they are just basically dumb thinking this is the norm. Their reports are really terrible as well and unable to doing any basic needle work.  I dont know how these people are employable collecting 450k plus salaries. 

    Our overnights are covered by Envision which is also filled with terrible rads that we have to read followups or answer questions from irate people on missed findings or misinterpretations

    Anyone else deal with this as a hospital employed rad and just quiet quit?  I came from a PP in my former job so I know what a well run practice looks like where people pull their weight and are productive.   

    Im thinking of doing the bare minimum at work to collect a base salary and benefits and just doing telerads to get as much coin as a I can.