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  • alex.nieto_484

    August 25, 2023 at 8:04 am

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    But what if you make a Rad salary, actually still enjoy Rads and dont spend outrageously or value material things that much?

    In this scenario, just investing surplus passively, you will amass a small fortune if you dont die early or suffer catastrophic health issues. Thus, ur progeny will inherit a large sum regardless of your belief system, unless you give it all away.

    I dont value material possessions much at all anymore as I firmly believe in the concept of the hedonic treadmill and not participating in that way of life. But we make a lot of money as Rads and unless ur a bafoon or get divorced ur likely to die with a sizeable portfolio left to ur children.

    I think I solved this “problem” … by building my “dream house” 

    Portfolio demolition complete 

    How many huge homes in your city are occupied by a late middle age to elderly couples? Same in every city.

    The carrying costs of these luxury homes is also quite high.

    We don’t have kids and have no worries about leaving an estate.

    Projections with average historical market returns have my wife dying with low-to-mid-8 figures in the bank (and that’s the new “every penny I earn from now until I retire goes to paying down house debt” formula) … so I got $$ to spend, baby!!!

    I worry (probably too much) about black swan financial events, etc. But we should be fine.  I look forward to paying, without guilt or anxiety, for services that I don’t personally enjoy (house cleaning, lawn work, sail boat waxing and maintenance, etc)

    How old is she and does she need a boyfriend?