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  • buckeyeguy

    August 23, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    Quote from DOCDAWG

    Giving a group of entitled brats a huge sum of money to blow on frivolous hedonistic pleasures is arguably the worst thing you could do for someone you care about.

    However, giving an inheritance to a responsible, mature adult who will certainly multiple it or give it away to causes that are important to you is probably the best thing you could do. This person doesn’t have to be in your family after all (But, there is usually at least one person like this in every extended family).

    It all comes down to the individual, really.

    Just don’t leave it to the GD government.

    We’re on the same page here. The issue is that a lot of time emotions override discernment, and you know DAWG, we see that all the time even with physicians on this board. The responsible kids/adults are usually quite obvious to most parents and the surrounding family and friends, but they are likely more rare in general. Still, people end up making bad decisions and succumb to giving things to various family members for all the wrong reasons, in the end.