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  • g.giancaspro_108

    August 22, 2023 at 7:59 pm

    It sounds like you’re asking for data comparing reimbursement cuts between subspecialties.  There is probably someone that has that but I’m not going to look for it, it is a beautiful day. 
    I remember when our MSK readers went from the top $$ producers to the bottom half in one month, and their volume read did not change. 
    My original point was no one should choose their fellowship based on RVUs or which subspecialty is best paid at that moment.


    Quote from DOCDAWG

    Yea, this information is basically useless. It looks like most modalities have simply been slashed across the board.

    Unless you can give subspecialty specific reimbursement data over the years (which admittedly would be hard to find), then it’s going to be difficult to compare. I can’t find that data, either.

    Doesn’t matter that much anyway.

    Irrespective of modality reimbursement (and assuming you are not just reading plain films), the highest producers usually still just outwork everyone else (if you really drill down on the numbers). I would bet that holds true for nearly all groups.