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    August 21, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    Quote from 9000tesla

    Thanks for all of your responses. 

    Are there groups which negotiate RVU based compensation with the hospital rather than doing their own billing?

    If they bill global, you negotiate a price for each read study based on RVUs. 
    Basically $/RVU.
    Baked in to the figure is payor mix, billing expense, etc.
    I’ve done that with side contracts, and it worked well.
    The efficiency of their billing is irrelevant, as you are paid per study. What they collect on their side is their problem.
    The key is to calculate a $/RVU figure that you feel good about, and typically you get a check each month..
    So the patient gets one bill. Quite honestly, the separate technical and professional bills are problematic and confusing to patients. Additionally, many radiology private practices are hiring national bare bones billing companies which do a pretty sketchy job; just read patient complaints. I’ve been billed by my own group, and it’s embarrassing, but cheap.