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  • afazio.uk_887

    September 1, 2023 at 2:27 pm

    There is no index fund bubble.  
    Cap weighting makes complete and total sense in you take a deep dive into learning about investing.  
    I recommend tuning out CNBC and  
    Here is Waduh Dong’s list to how to get “rich” 
    1.  Become a Radiologist
    2.  Save a decent amount earlier the better and put into index ETF products at a discount broker. 
    3.  Don’t buy a bunch of insurance products.
    4.  Don’t try to be a real estate investor. 
    5.  Buy a nice house, but least expensive house in a great location and neighborhood. 
    6.  If you like cars, buy them and enjoy them but pay cash.  Same with watches. 
    7.  Unless you are locked into a low fixed mortgage, pay off debt. 
    8.  Don’t get divorced.  Keep a side piece on payroll if needed but stay married.
    9.  Realize we are all going to die one day.