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  • Posted by pacsmanmjc on September 18, 2023 at 7:40 am

    In the TV show “Cheers” they sing that you go “where everybody knows your name”. Unfortunately while several know or think they know the PACSMan almost no one knows my name. So here it is- Michael Cannavo is the PACSMan. Please remember that when voting for the Most Effective Radiology Sciences Educator in the 2023 Minnies. LOL.

    I try and have an informative article published on AM every few months and have been offering up the PACSMan Awards post-RSNA for well over the past decade. Since the very first version posted it has also consistently rated among the top 3 stories from RSNA as well. Due to Covid I had to write the awards piece remotely the past few years and surprisingly they rated just as highly. Now that things are semi-back to normal am trying to determine if I want to physically go to the show this year or not. I’m not as young as I used to be- just ask my knees- and the cost to go has nearly tripled from years past. I pay my own way as well so unless I find a benevolent benefactor or start a GoFundMe account I may not go. Laugh. Don’t get me wrong-it’s great for exposure and to learn a few things too but sadly exposure doesn’t pay the bills so….we’ll see.

    Please vote early and often- but if I happen lose to one of my 26 counterparts know I won’t challenge the election and will offer them my congratulations…unless I lose by 11,780 votes that happen to come from Georgia…LOL

    Mike Cannavo “PACSMan”

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